Derplog 2

Feb. 10th, 2011 03:15 am
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Den1: I still want a Chum Buddy for myself.

Tam: XD XD

Den1: that'd be the ULTIMATE sleeping bag.

Tam: yup

Tam: XD

Tam: *imagines a sleeping bag made to look like sammich bread, or poptart crust*

Den1: XDDD That'd be AWESOME.

Den1: Burrito

Tam: yOp's brother Swindle has a round blanket shaped like a burrito wrapper

Den1: hehe he's got a tortilla blanket

Tam: yup

Tam: XD

Den1: lol, a tortilla blanket with fake lettuce and meat around the edges

Tam: XD XD

Tam: or cheese, since it sticks out more than the meat

Den1: yeah

Tam: orange yarn

Den1: and white yarn

Tam: XD

Den1: and fake tomato chunks

Tam: and green fleece for the lettuce

Den1: SYNC

Tam: XD

Den1: It'd have to be in strips though

Tam: yup

Tam: that's why fleece. no need to hem

Den1: yup

Den1: and a white fleece pillow for sour cream

Tam: XD

Den1: ... this is going in the Derplogs, isn't it? lol

Tam: XD You put it in

Tam: What would work for meat?

Den1: Well, there'd have to be an option for beef or chicken...

Tam: chicken wouldn't be too hard, just some appliquay... however the heck you spell that

Den1: applique

Den1: with the fancy mark over the e

((Written by [ profile] dens_extra_pups and [ profile] random_xtras))

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