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Tam: *gives 'Bolt a shower brush

Mars: 'Bolt: *sleepy* *shower brush, for getting clean!*

Mars: I guess he's going to take a shower too

Tam: Awwwww

Mars: 'Bolt: *getting aaaaaaalllllllllll clean*

Mars: Him and that shower brush. *shakes head*

Tam : XD

Mars: 'Bolt: *cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!*

Tam: *chuckles at the little guy*

Mars: 'Bolt: *likes the brush*

Tam: awww

Mars: 'Bolt: *comes out all bubbly*

Mars: Silly, bot, you didn't rinse off

Tam: *bucket of warm water*

Mars: And you missed a spot between your wings

Mars: 'Bolt: *oh* *tries to reach it* *reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly hard!*

Mars: Bucket of warm water, Tam?

Mars: *takes the brush and gets the spot*

Mars: 'Bolt: *relaxes* *ahhhh, that feels good* *keep doing the brush, Mom!*

Tam: XD Needs mama help

Mars: Yeeeeeeeeeep

Tam: ahhh

Mars: *uses the warm bucket of water to rinse him off*

Tam: awww XD

Mars: 'Bolt: *felt good when the water goes over him and then . .. * *brrrrrrr* *not so warm anymore*

Mars: *grabs a towel and wipes him down*

Mars: There you go

Mars: 'Bolt: *looks over himself* *is CLEAN*

Mars: Fastest chibi shower ever

Tam: aww XD

Mars: And now to shower myself

Mars: *hugs my little guy*

Tam: aww *gives him his blanket and bear*

Mars: 'Bolt: *wraps himself in blanket and takes bear with thumbs up and curls up in corner of bed by Noelle and the snowman Beanie Baby to wait for Mom to come out of the shower*

((co-written with [personal profile] random_xtras))

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