Jul. 16th, 2014 05:05 pm
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Den: *DED*

Tam: oh oh

Den: Hang on. lemme censor one word because someone didn't have a sense of humor about something

Den: one mun: if shaquille O’neal went fishing: shaquille O’reel

another mun: *bleep* you

first mun: if shaquille O’neal went to the arctic: shaquille O’seal

a third mun: if shaquille O’neal became emo: shaquille O’feel

me: if shaquille O’neal ate food: shaquille O’meal.

first mun: if shaquille O’neal was a cat burglar: shaquille O’steal

me: if shaquille O’neal started rapping: shaquille Fo’Real

first mun: if shaquille O’neal wore roller skates: shaquille O’wheel

a fourth mun: if shaquille O’neal was a fangirl: shaquille O’squeal

Tam: How about if he was from Krypton?

Den: Shaquille O'Steel

Tam: yup

Den: if shaquille O’neal studied law: shaquille Appeal

Tam: if he was a used car salesman

Den: Shaquille O'Deal

Tam: yup

Den: hehehee

Tam: and this is now a gooflog

Den: :D

Den: we haven't done one of those in ages.

Tam: lol nope

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