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Tam: (You notice little Tam's bracer?)

Den: (and she's got her ribbon, too)

Tam: (yes, but the bracer is for when negotiations get tense. It's strong enough to stop a sword slash)

Den: (lol)

Tam: (block the blow and talk fast)


Den: (I'd forgotten how complicated Archivists can be)

Tam: (yeah, Negotiators do the whole business without magic)

Den: (hehe)

Tam: (They're magic resistant, it can't effect them. But they're not really any good as a shield against that. It goes around them)

Tam: (They also tend to make dark things feel puky)

Den: (XD)

Tam: (They WILL act as a shield sometimes for physical attacks)

Tam: (and their extensive knowledge includes information of the country and customs and other useful things)

Tam: (like what's good to eat)

Den: (*nodnod*)

Tam: (some are strong in cutting snark, but that's a last resort)

Den: (XD)

Den: (high charisma, high intelligence, high wisdom, ranks in natural knowledge, ranks in diplomacy, ranks in magical resistance. Just don't use 'em as a meatshield against a wizard.)

Tam: (*nod nod* Their weapons/tools are their tongues and their minds)

Tam: (They do have a few offencive skills. Like kicking a friend in the butt when said friend is being reeeely stoooopit)

Den: (XD)

Tam: (lol Their entire aim is peace. Sometimes butts need kicked for peace)

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