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Tam: Crimson Typhoon is digigrade

Den: yup

Den: built for agility

Tam: yup

Tam: Though all these guys, their foot designs aren't as likely as those big spread out feet put on the huge bay TFs

Tam: Those were for mass dispersion, and less sinking int othe ground

Tam: The jaeger feet are small compared to their body size

Den: yeah.

Den: Not sure why they've got proportionally tiny feet

Tam: Designer just wasn't thinking

Den: obviously.

Tam: The rest is good, but they hadn't thought of the load bearing spread needed

Tam: or just how deep they'd be sinking

Tam: Like, Blackout's feet are beautiful

Tam: they fit that well

Den: *nod* and Optimus' feet are built to distribute weight

Tam: yup

Den: he still busts up pavement, but that's because he's a big guy

Tam: Even Ratchet and 'Hide have them

Den: yeah

Den: they're all built to have stability

Den: even Sideswipe, to an extent,is.

Tam: yes. One thing they had there, was an engineer helping design

Tam: *nod* Swiper's made for fast combat, so he's got fancier feet than Bee

Den: yup

Den: but he still has a wide enough foot that he could stand

Tam: These guys gave the kaiju good feet

Den: yeah

Den: the jaegers, though, they flubbed on.

Tam: *nod nod*

Tam: The new jaegers of the triplets all have good feet

Den: I didn't get a really good look at Cherno's feet, sadly

Tam: foot shaped

Tam: built like a tank

Tam: why is the greatest joy I get from a movie this sort of discussion?

Tam: Mars and I were discussing how much bigger the turbines on the helicarrier would have to be to actually work

Tam: and how bad the seagulls would get pulped

Den: yup

Den: they'd have to clean out bird guts regularly

Tam: yup

Tam: but the big turbines might be big enough to survive it

Den: yup

Den: how much bigger would the turbines need to be to actually work?

Tam: very much

Tam: Think of the size of a jump jet's turbines compared to its size

Tam: they're large, right?

Den: yeah

Tam: Would need to be the same principle

Den: the helicarrier's turbines were big enough that Tony could fly around inside 'em to get 'em spinning again.

Tam: yup

Tam: but still not quite large enough

Den: ... they'd have to be really stinkin' big

Tam: and the fore ones might suck all the air away from the aft ones

Den: possibly double the size they were?

Tam: maybe

Tam: But like I say, there'd still be that problem

Den: yeah...

Tam: I think

Den: unless they were positioned differently

Tam: *nod nod*

Tam: Though

Den: or if two were enough... one on each side

Tam: Those big double rotor choppers have each in line

Den: those'd have to be gargantuan though

Tam: so maybe I'm wrong

Den: it's a timing thing with those

Tam: ahhh

Tam: And they also don't go as fast as the turbines

Den: they have to be perfectly timed and positioned or they collide.

Den: yeah

Tam: So yeah. The air loss thing could very well be a problem

Tam: and two side by side wouldn't hold up an aircraft carrier

Den: if they dropped the number down to two, and moved 'em closer to the ship while increasing their size, it might work.

Den: bigger surface area

Den: like a massive jumbo jet

Tam: Yeah, but still wouldn't be steady enough for the aircraft carrier

Den: hmm.

Tam: The original helicarrier in the comics had rotors

Den: hence the name

Tam: yup

Den: ... *SNERK*

Tam: no pulse

Den: Someone in my head just went "Why did we ever change from the rotors? That was a good idea and it was proven to work!"

Tam: lol

Den: Prolly due to the size of the helicarrier.

Tam: I think they WOULD work, if the size wasn't too much

Den: ... sync

Tam: yup

Tam: but

Tam: all they'd have to do is ditch the runway

Den: yeah

Tam: and carrier harriers and jump jets

Den: then it wouldn't be a true carrier

Den: but if they went for a smaller class of carrier, it could work.

Tam: sure it would. Just not the classic kind

Tam: THAT is what I think would be the answer

Tam: make it smaller

Tam: and use the vertical take off jets

Den: retrofit an older carrier

Den: you'd have less personnel, but the ones on it would have to be really bleeping good at their jobs.

Tam: Yes, and that goes in line with the sort of operation that SHIELD is supposed to be

Den: yup

Den: Fury would've still gotten the $10 from Steve.

Tam: So that's how the Carrier is in our stuff, k?

Tam: yup

Den: *nod nod*

Den: *looking up a good class of carrier for ours*

Den: I like these sorts of discussions.

Den: it's like we're Mythbusters.

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