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Tam: tpdKO just decided to dip and snog Dallas right in front of UF KO

Den1: 'splains the gagging sounds.

Tam: yyyeup

Tam: and Oriana's getting the fly swatter

Kae Yau: Best get the 'ose, b'y. *wicked smirk*

Oriana: *applies fly swatter to tpdKO rear with a smart snap*

tpdKO: YEOW!

tpDallas: *startles and GLARES at Oriana* Hey!

Oriana: *wide grin and settles into a ready stance*

tpDallas: *going to ignore you, Oriana. Instead of focusing on the annoyance, she'll fuss over her husband*

tpdKO: *glares holes in Oriana, and then drags his wife away*

Oriana: *grins and swats the other KO*

KO: *acks and scampers even further away*

Kae Yau: No points fer bappin t'at idjit.

Oriana: No. But Caly wanted to see it happen. *offers Kae Yau the swatter*

Kae Yau: *wicked smirk, goes to hunt KO down*

Oriana: *smiles and goes to sit by the young folk and the Dickens*

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