Derplog 11

May. 1st, 2012 11:53 pm
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Mars: back
Tam: up
Mars: with
Tam: out
Mars: a
Tam: paddle
Mars: drat
Tam: nabbit
Mars: steamboat
Tam: Willy
Mars: Whistling
Tam: Dixie
Mars: Tracks
Tam: make
Mars: Bop
Tam: Bee
Mars: Sarcasm
Tam: Knockout
Mars: Preen
Tam: Peacock
Mars: Feather
Tam: pen
Mars: Pimpernel
Tam: scarlet
Mars: Triangle
Tam: triage
Mars: intrigue
Tam: (how does triage connect to intrigue?)
Mars: (Um, sorting peoples in such a way to ensure your way to the top? It's really quite vague. I still had Pimpernel on my mind)
Tam: LOL Guess you won.

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