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Jun. 3rd, 2011 09:45 pm
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Den1: Proof that David Kaye is not as tall as he looks: I was in flipflops.

Tam: XD

Tam: So no pictures of the VP outfit?

Den1: not today. tomorrow, there is talk of a group shot of cosplayers imitating the Abby Road image

Tam: the which?

Den1: Beatles album cover. Showed 'em at a crosswalk on Abby Road, mid-crossing.

Tam: ohhhh

Den1: I volunteered if it happened. I'm packing my outfit in my backpack...

Den1: also, I have a super-squee to share.

Tam: XD

Tam: ohh?

Den1: Yeah. Was browsing a toy vender's stall, and noticed he had Skyfire... so we were talking a bit, and I asked him if he had any Tracks... So I now have the oh-so-cultured, slightly snarky mech. With all his accessories... poor baby needs new stickers, but that'll have to wait till after my birthday.

Tam: awwwwwwwwww

Den1: The convo between him, X-Brawn and Blitzwing while I was getting my backpack rearranged for tomorrow was hysterical, since I was wandering around pantsless.

Tracks: "But she's wandering around without pants! That can't be proper..."

X-Brawn: *chuckling* "Ya know she's gonna be puttin' us all in her room when she gets home, right? She sleeps in there, and changes clothes too."

Tracks: "..." *BLUSHING* "That's still..."

Random!Blitzwing: *cackling* Und she likes to dance!


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