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Mar. 23rd, 2011 06:31 pm
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Den1: Hazard: *lays down and drools on your feets*

Tam: o.0

Den1: I think he likes you. lol

Tam: LOL

Tam: Who is he again?

Den1: Dixie and Matt's big Mastiff

Tam: Ohhhh right XD

Tam: *uses him for a foot rest*

Den1: Dogs know when people are good people.

Tam: LOL

Tam: That reminds me. Somebody made a fan movie of 'Switchers'.

Tam: Optimus Prime is a mastiff

Den1: XDDD

Tam: The humans are kittens

Den1: I thought it was 'Shifters'

Tam: Right

Tam: My brain is zonked.

Den1: lol I could see an Op Mastiff.

Tam: Prowl is a German Shepherd

Den1: *nod* Police Dog

Tam: Yup, devoted to duty

Den1: lol any of the good guys wind up as a chihuahua?

Tam: LOL No

Den1: XD

Tam: That's Rumble and Frenzy


Tam: XD

Den1: Yappy little things

Tam: Hound is a wolfy looking dog

Den1: aww

Tam: Jazz is a grinning and jolly pit bull

Den1: D'aww

Den1: I think Pit Bulls are cute

Tam: The twins are Dobermans

Tam: ...And played by girl dogs

Den1: *DED*

Tam: XD

Den1: Someone's a Bulldog...

Tam: Kup

Den1: XD

Den1: what would Cliffjumper be?

Tam: *snerk* High strung smaller pinchser

Den1: MINI

Tam: a red one

Tam: No, he's not a minpin

Den1: darn

Tam: he's the next size up

Den1: ah

Den1: little thing that dives into a dogfight without hesitation?

Tam: Yup, and yaps hysterically about stuff

Den1: XD

Den1: Someone's gotta be a Border Collie.

Tam: The only one I can think that'd fit would be Prowl, but he's gotta be the Shepherd

Tam: Wait aminute

Tam: Bluestreak

Tam: She's a meryl

Den1: meryl?

Tam: Blue

Den1: ooooh...

Den1: ...Wouldn't she work better as an Australian Shepherd?

Tam: Nah

Tam: Borders can get really excited about stuff

Den1: yeah, but they can also mope like none other...

Tam: XD

Den1: and they're scary-smart

Tam: Yup, this little lady had a ball with her part

Tam: Which was wearing a cannon and shootsing tennis balls to distract the 'Con dogs

Den1: XD

Den1: I bet the outtakes include scenes of her chasing the balls too.

Tam: XD Nah, she's into soccer

Den1: ah

Den1: Bumblebee's a little Sheltie?

Tam: She DID however try to aim the cannon

Tam: Nah, Bumble's a little yaller dog

Den1: heh...

Den1: Trailbreaker as a bloodhound?

Tam: little mutt with a big grin

Den1: D'aww

Tam: Not sure Breaker's there

Tam: They didn't get everybody

Den1: ah

Den1: .... *headdesk* and now my muses are trying to assign dogs to everyone

Den1: Logically though, Trailbreaker would be a bloodhound...

Tam: LOL Though Hound's more a tracker, isn't he?

Den1: true....

Den1: but there are subgroups to the hound grouup

Den1: Sight hounds and scent hounds

Tam: I know

Tam: Wouldn't a black lab make a good Breaker?

Den1: yeah

Tam: A good one. Not one of the hyper over bred ones

Den1: Someone, likely Seaspray, would be either a Newfie or a Portugese Water Dog

Tam: XD Yeah

Tam: Or, in the case of the show. A medium size poodle

Den1: heh yeah

Den1: and Skyfire would be a Wolfhound of some variety... biiiig and white.

Tam: A brown one, trimmed to look like a Water Dog

Tam: but they wanted someone the right size.

Tam: Yup, but Skyfire didn't show in the movie

Den1: heh...

Den1: someone would've been a Malamute...

Tam: They just had the wolfy looking guy that played Hound

Den1: heh

Den1: floooofy

Den1: ....I wonder what they would've used for Tracks.... Something elegant-looking....

Tam: In the movie the 'Cons kidnapped people and wer going to blow up a dam

Den1: awww

Tam: LOL And the kidnapped people were going MEW! and trying to get out of the box

Den1: D'awww

Tam: Soundwave kept nosing them back in

Den1: XDDD

Tam: And Soundwave RESISTED the tennis balls!

Den1: LOL

Tam: But then Ironhide pounced him

Den1: Ironhide was a big dog too?

Tam: ...There's your bloodhound. Redbone

Den1: XD

Tam: Soundwave was a mutt. And those were his kittens.

Den1: awwww

Tam: He had some sort of breed that loves the little things. He was nosing Rumble and Frenzy around too

Den1: lol

Den1: Megatron was a Rottie-mix?

Tam: Something. Big ugly grey thing with some kind of mastiff in him

Tam: Kept breaking character to wag

Tam: but he was one of those character dogs who can be taught to make faces

Den1: lol awwww

Tam: and his master kept reminding him 'Mean! mean!'

Den1: like how we've taught Cody "Smile!"

Tam: XD

Tam: And all the people got rescued but one

Tam: and the dam was breaking!

Tam: and the person was standing in the water and going MEW!

Den1: awww

Tam: And Oppy jumped into the water and picked the person up and saved it, and then Megatron jumped on him

Tam: And there was an epic battle and Megatron fell in the water and got lost, and the Autobots took the people and brought them to their homes

Den1: aww

Tam: XD

Tam: Oh yeah, they did the whole thing without lines, too

Tam: Just dog actions and a few narrative captions to read.

Den1: heh

Tam: LOL The little wet person stopped to shake before running away after Oppy dropped it

Den1: XDD Awwww

Tam: XD

((Written by [ profile] dens_extra_pups and [ profile] random_xtras))

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